Sidetrack Tattoo was founded by Anthony Solis in 2019, after working for The Ink Spot Tattoos for over 10 years. Knowing that Ink Spot was going to close its doors permanently, Anthony set in motion the plan that led him to his own shop, just 2 blocks south of where Ink Spot was.

New tattoo shops are difficult to open, with licensing requirements, zoning laws, as well as health and safety laws requiring due diligence- Through patience, perserverance, and a healthy dose of professionalism, Sidetrack Tattoo was able to open just 2 days after Ink Spot closed.

With Anthony in charge, he brought over almost the entire crew of Ink Spot- Darryl Melzer, Matteo Andersen, as well as Ian Harris on part time. This core group of tattooers has over 60 years of combined experience working at several different shops, including Tatu Tattoo, Modern Tattoo, Art with Attitude, Hard Times Tattoo, The Ink Spot Tattoos, and The Tattoo Factory. Their combined knowledge and experience creates an environment which provides a positive, heartfelt, and personal experience for everyone who walks through our doors.

Here at Sidetrack, our mission is to give our clients high quality body art, as well as an event in their lives that will be a positive memory for years to come.